How can i make a beautiful names

OK, it is so easy! What kinds of names cause problems? Those that people can’t pronounce or spell, or those that resemble other, more familiar names.

Many women in particular report that they dislike having a name that is often mistaken for something that sounds similar. For example, a girl named Callie says people always think she is saying “Kelly” or “Kaley,” and it drives her crazy because she has to set the record straight time after time.

Another woman named Chelsa always  gets asked if her name is actually Chelsea. “People act like I don’t really know what my own name is!” she says.

Too much cuteness isn’t a good idea, either. One woman named her twins To-dae and Tamara (pronounced “tomorrow”) , and found that the reaction she got most often was laughter. Such names can put undue stress on your child.

Another poten tial minefield is giving your child a name like Pilot or High Tea or Cupcake. Such a non-name becomes a bona fide name when you register it on the birth certificate. But you also give your child the legacy of explaining it lifelong.

A girl named Jam says that people never believe she is telling the truth when she tells them her name. “They look at me like I’m a loser for walking around with a nickname like that, or they start telling jokes about preserves and jellies.”

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