Do you like your baby name?

You can’t predict when you might accidentally select a baby name that later becomes “huge” via the media. And when it happens, it’s not always a good thing. One woman named Phoebe says that when she meets people,  they always say, “Oh my God, like on Friends!”

Certain names experience heydays, while others fall out of favor. Today’s Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba are beauty icons, so no one is surprised to hear of babies named Angelina and Jessica. The same thing happened in the fifties when Debbie Reynolds was America’s sweetheart. Suddenly little Deborahs were running around everywhere.

We can also pinpoin t names that were never cool for even a minute because the name sounded heavy or unattractive. For example, can you really imagine a beautiful Bertha? Or Ethel? They’re out there, but the names have some heavy, heavy baggage .

Do be aware that if you choose a name that’s hot, the chances are good that your daughter will be Ashley S. in preschool because she will be in a classroom with others named Ashley. Same goes for Jake and Emma, Nick and Emily-any name in the top 100 is fair game.

Yes, i like it.

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