Baby Boy names

ALL Baby Boy names.Are you more likely to trust a Michael or a Donovan? An Erica or a Mary? A Crash or a Blake?
We know that most employers prefer middle-of-the-road names to crazy, quirky ones. Their bias tells them that maybe parents who give wild names to their babies don’t have the genetic poten tial for brilliance that some other people may have. Of course, this isn’t necessarily true-but it’s a common perception.

Of course, if the employer isinterviewing for a screenwriter or creative think tank, a Quentin or a Hazel might get his attention, while he might not be interested in a Mary or John.

Many employers freely admit that they form opinions based on names-and even throw away a resume if the name has a negative connotation. “If I’m interviewing for a position of financial responsibility,” says one human resources director, “why would I want to talk to a woman whose name is Fluffy Petunia? I can’t take her seriously.”

Wait a minute here. You didn’t choose your name, right? It’s not your fault-your parents gave it to you. As a newborn, you had no vote or voice.

True. But that doesn’t change the fact that people react to names-in positive and negative and even neutral ways.

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