About the baby name question

Take this revealing little quiz to see what you and your spouse know about names. This is a good way to determine whether your final name choice is likely to please you and your child one year from now (as well as ten years down the road) .

No one walks into the baby-naming arena free of biases. In truth, we all have names we don’t like simply because we sat by someone in school named Bathsheba and she popped her gum the whole livelong day, which made us loathe that name “just because.”

So, just for fun, see how you fare on the following quiz. This will tell you what kind of slant and awareness you bring to the baby-naming table.

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important was your name in your own development of confidence and sense of self?
  2. Do you believe that   a name  influences  a child’s life insofar  as popularity , achievement, and self-confidence?
  3. How would you rate your satisfaction with your own name, from 1 to 10 (with 10 meaning  that you  always loved it) ?
  1. What do you want in a name for your baby-one that’s safe, fun, respectable , bizarre, or exciting?
  2. What’s one thing that always bothered you about your name?
  3. What’s something nobody knows about how you feel about your name?
  4. Did you have to grow into your name or did you like it early on?
  5. Do you believe certain names are so lightweight or weird that they make teachers and poten tial employers dismiss those individuals before they even meet them?
  6. Can you remember the names of the most popular boy and girl in your high school?
  7. Do you think it matters when a child has a name he or she has to explain, repeat, or pronoun ce for other people?

Check it out. Your answers reveal the following:

1. 7 to 10: Give yourself 10 points for an elevated awareness of a name’s impor­ tance in forming a person.
2. Yes: Give yourself 10 points. No: give yourself 0 points.
3. 7 to 10: 0 points. 1 to 6: 10 points. (People who have always been comfortable with their names often don’t fully understand how an odd, hard-to-pronounce name can affect someone.)
4. If you answered “bizarre” or “exciting,” give yourself 0 points. If you answered “safe,” “fun,” or “respectable,” you get 10 points.
5. If you have an answer for this question, you get 10 points for elevated aware­ ness of the importance of a name. Otherwise, you get 0.
6. If you have always kept your feelings secret about your name, you may have “issues” when it comes to baby naming, so you get 0 points. If you answered that you have no secrets about your name, you get 10 points.
7. If you said that you had to grow into your name, you get 10 points because this indicates you went through the pain of having a name that didn’t feel comfortable or right. If you always liked your name, you also get 10 points because you know how great it feels to have a name that fits.
8. Yes: You get 10 points. No: Wrong answer-studies prove that employers and teachers sometimes prejudge people in a negative way when their names are odd or spelled differently than usual. So you get 0 points.
9. Yes: You get 10 points because this indicates a high level of name awareness. No: You get 0 points because you weren’t paying enough attention to names.
10. Yes: You get 10 points. No: You get 0 points-it does matter. Having to explain a name or pronounce it all the time turns out to be a bit of a liability for a child-a small setback.

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